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If your fans liked just 1 image every day
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Your fan


US $ Earned
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how to earn money with a facebook page
1,000 30 $
50,000 1,500 $
250,000 7,500 $


Is every like counted?

Yes! Every like (or reaction) received on our images within their first 7 days from being published will be rewarded. 7 days because it's easier for us and the sponsors to track the results.

How do you know when one of my supporters like your image?

First, a user specifies you as the page he wants to support. We will send you a notification when this happens. Then, when we publish an image, Facebook allows us to know who liked every post. We cross check the 2 information and record your earnings that are updated automatically.

What type of posts do you publish?

We agree with our partners the images they would like to share with the community. For example, they might promote a cool app, an interesting place or an exciting event.

Am I guaranteed to earn money every time one of my fans likes your page?

No, you get rewarded every time that a fan you referred likes an image we publish. If he just likes the page, nothing happens.

What happens if one of my fans has already referred another page?

Obviously 1 person can only like an image once, so he will have to choose whether to support your page or the previous one. If he wants to switch, he just needs to send us a message to our bot and the change will be immediate.

Is this allowed? I don't want to lose my page...

We comply with all Facebook's T&C. Working with a page takes a lot of time, and it's often like a second job. We believe it should be rewarded as that, and we found a new way to make it happen. If you have more questions, just get in touch.

How do I monitor my subscriptions and earnings?

Our internal dashboard has all the information you need to check

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